2021 - Term 1 - COVID-19 Important Update

Message from the Principal
Important Update for the start of Term 1 2021

Dear Parents/Caregivers

Important Update

Further to Mr McGowan’s announcement yesterday students will be able to return to Two Rocks Primary School from Monday 8 February, however due to the ongoing situation there will be some restrictions in place.

Please read the following carefully:

PP - Yr 6: Parents/Carers can enter school grounds between 8:15am and 8:30am; providing they are wearing a mask at all times whilst on the school grounds and observe physical distancing. They cannot however enter classrooms. 

Students can enter school grounds from 8:00am and do not need to wear a mask. Staff have to wear a mask except when presenting lessons.

Kindy: classroom doors will open at 8:45am. Parents/Carers can enter the school via the Kindy gate, they must wear a mask and may enter the classrooms briefly but there will be restrictions on how many adults can be in the rooms at any one time as we have to conform with the 4m rule. Parents and Carers will be asked to wait until there is space in the room before entering. We appreciate that this isn’t how you imagined your child’s start to Kindy but we are endeavouring to do our best for all under the recent government guidelines.

At the end of the day the school gates will open at 2:45pm for parents to enter school grounds. Social distancing rules and mask wearing must be observed.

Please ensure that you monitor the face book page and/or your texts as these are the only places where we will post the up to date accurate information

We thank you for your ongoing support in these difficult times.

Elizabeth Wildish