Uniform Shop & Dress Code

Uniform Shop
The Uniform Shop is accessible via the Administration. To place an order please complete a Uniform Order Form available in the Administration or alternatively purchases can be made via our online store. Please note all orders need to be paid in full before collection can occur.

Dress Code
Two Rocks Primary School has a uniform dress code for all students. This is in accordance with the Department of Education policy and has been ratified by the School Board.  Acceptance of enrolment at the school assumes an agreement that the enrolling student will dress within the guidelines of the dress code.

The dress code requires all students to wear school uniform whilst at school, on excursions or at any other time whilst representing the school.  A uniform ordering service is available. Second- hand uniforms and a trade-in system are also offered.

A full description of the dress code is as follows:

Clothing - All available from the school's Uniform Shop.
Teal collared T-shirt
Faction T-shirt
Navy Zip Jacket
Navy unisex shorts
Navy cargo pants
Navy pants or tracksuit pants
Navy skort

Sneakers or joggers
School sandals
School shoes (Thongs, reef sandals, massage sandals, heeled dress sandals and scuffs are not permitted).

The dangers of skin cancer are fully documented.  All students require a school hat, wearing of hats whilst involved in outside activities is compulsory throughout the entire year.  We have provided sun safe hats for all students to wear as part of the uniforms provided in the Uniform shop. Sun visors, caps, beanies and hoods are not adequate headwear.

For safety reasons the only items of jewellery considered appropriate whilst at school are ear studs or sleepers and watches.  Parental support in relation to this would be greatly appreciated.

No extreme hair styles are permitted at Two Rocks PS, this includes styles and colours.  Hair longer than shoulder length must be plaited or tied back, this also applies to male students.