Welcome to Two Rocks Primary School

Two Rocks Independent Primary School prides itself on being an exceptional school with a focus on Instructional Intelligence, Explicit Teaching, Mastery of Literacy and Numeracy and Early Childhood Education.

With a vision of creating a culture of excellence and high standards our philosophy and values guide our commitment to providing students with quality education. We ensure we develop thinking across the curriculum, foster creativity and develop an all-encompassing understanding of ethical behaviours and social competencies that enables our students to deal with an ever changing world. Our Keys to Success, Habits of the Mind and Instructional Intelligence incorporates in our students the attitudes of deep thinkers and future problem solvers.

Academically and socially, students are treated as individuals. Respect, Innovation, Consistency, High Expectations and Support is our mantra; Respect - our cornerstone. Our specialist programs are Mandarin, Art, Physical Education, Music and Sustainability. The school has modern facilities including four teaching blocks and a fully enclosed Assembly area. Teaching areas are well appointed and networked with the latest technology. All classrooms have iPads. Students also enjoy the use of purpose built music and art rooms. 

Please view a Letter of Commendation from Barrie Bennett, Professor Emeritus, University of Toronto.