Business Plan & School Review

Business Plan
All Independent Public Schools are required to complete a Business Plan. Two Rocks Primary School's current Business Plan is from 2021 - 2024.

The Business Plan is available for download and hard copies can be obtained from the school's Administration.

School Review
In 2023, Two Rocks Primary School was involved in an Independent Review conducted by the Department of Education Services. The purpose of the review is to provide assurance to the school and its community, the Director General of Education and the Minister for Education on the extent to which the school has met its commitments as outlined in its Delivery and Performance Agreement and associated Business Plan.

The focus of the review is on:

  • how well the school has implemented self-review
  • how well the school has improved student learning for all students
  • how well the school has created an environment that promotes learning and student wellbeing
  • how well the school is placed to sustain and improve its performance



The School Review is available for download.


Business Plan 2021 - 2024
School Review
Deputy Director General Letter endorsing Public School Review Report