Ethos & Beliefs

Our Ethos:
We strive to ensure that:

  • Every student is encouraged to reach their full potential in a safe environment that fosters students’ wellbeing.
  • All staff and students become a community of learners.
  • Every teacher promotes feedback, collaboration and student engagement in their professional knowledge and practice.
  • All staff are empowered by the practice of distributed leadership and are given opportunities to become lead teachers within the school.
  • Every partnership: parents, community members’ and stakeholders work together to ensure improved student outcomes.               













Our Beliefs:
We believe:

  • Learning occurs best when it is facilitated by highly skilled staff using innovative, cooperative and diverse teaching styles that build upon students' prior knowledge.
  • The needs of its community are met through fostering and maintaining effective partnerships.
  • Life-long learning and individual success can be achieved if students have self belief that empowers them to apply their learned knowledge and skills.
  • All students have the right to access a safe, supportive and engaging environment in order to achieve their potential.
  • Effective teaching and learning is measurable and is accountable to the school community.