Our Staff

As an Independent Public school, Two Rocks Primary School has hand picked over  20 dedicated staff members who provide innovative programs and a supportive learning environment to ensure that all our students have the opportunity to achieve success. Both teaching and non-teaching staff are continually updating their skills through professional development. Staff come from a range of experiences, with some staff having taught in remote and country schools before joining our team. The teaching staff have a wealth of experience  from Graduate Teachers, Senior Teachers and Level 3 Teachers. 






Elizabeth Wildish



Associate Principal

Rebecca Nolan

Kate Wagstaff

Alison Pinches 



Manager Corporate Services

Iain Reid

School Officer

Rosie Daddow

Melanie Fisher

Jane Frankland

Library Officer

Emma Walker


Teaching Staff


Teacher - Transition Program


Corinna king


Teacher - Kindy

Tanya Bell

Sandra Regts

Marnie Baldwin-Jones (EA)

Nicole Denning (EA)


Teachers - Pre-Primary

Shellie Dodds

Casey Rooney

Sally Hendon (EA)

August Zamberi (EA)


Teachers - Year 1

Jacinta Matthews

Bethany Cherrie

Val Brown (EA)

Roddy-Ann Bidefeld (EA)

Cassie Choules (EA)


Teachers - Year 2

Andrew Mercer

Heather Mott

Amanda Kerp (EA)



Teachers - Year 3

Heledd Smith

Olivia Kirwan

Anthony Keegan

Sarah Hedge (EA)


Teachers - Year 4

Joe Reichle

Mariana Terrazas

Sharyn Ausling (EA)


Teachers - Year 5

Harriet Canning

Ashleigh Potts

Kim Wildish

Chantelle Hancock (EA)

Tatiana Maurice (EA)


Teachers - Year 6

Kerry-Lynn Joubert

Jodie Scholte

Kaesee Grafton-Ford (EA)

Specialist Staff


Physical Education

Kevin Schweda

Visual Art

Ciara Hawk

Renee Herron


Susan Croker


Corinna King


Jodie Cousins

Jacob Haddon

Lauren Stewart